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Increase your network

Last week I had a training session on LinkedIn with Jade Pluck from LinkedIn to Success.

Jade’s aim is to get us to use LinkedIn as part of our daily business life. You should always build your network, connect and help each other. Here are some tips to increase your network:

Define Your Client Profile

Who are your ideal clients?

Where are they based?

Who do you speak with / work within an organisation?

Is there more than one person that influences the buying process in your clients?

Do they work in a certain industry / company?

To broaden your network you should connect with:

Influencers in your niche

Strategic partners



Potential Clients

Team mates

To get the attention of whoever you are inviting, add a connection note, such as

Dear John

In this current down time, working from home, I am looking to build my network. I noticed you are connected to Anne Smith, who I have worked with for many years. It would be great to connect. Stay safe!

Have a look at Jade’s website –

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